By: Alison Westwood
10 January 2011

Justin Lawson of ClimbZA took time out from climbing to share the top 10 sport climbing routes in Montagu – some are only for experienced climbers, but others can be enjoyed by beginner climbers. Visit ClimbZA for detailed information and maps of these and all the other climbing routes in Montagu.

1. Another Day in Paradise – This easy to moderate multi pitch climb takes you to the top of Cogman’s buttress giving you awesome views of Montagu.

2. Cool Like That – The flat walk-in past the overnight hut brings you to the Scoop. Step over the stream and prepare to climb some of the best overhanging rock in SA.

3. Days of Thunder – A two-minute walk-in from the Montagu Springs gets you to the sandy base of ‘Worlds Apart’. This 20-metre overhang will test your endurance to the max.

4. Thruster – At the Supertubes Crag, this is the classic test piece for anyone wanting to climb the benchmark grade of 26.

5. Eagles Folly – The first-ever rock climb done in Montagu. Excellent and exposed climbing, a mountaineering classic.

6. Gospel Express – A quick walk-in gets you to The Steeple. This heavenly route will test all your climbing techniques.

7. Chocolate Speedway – At the popular Legoland Crag, this is the test piece for beginners, excellent climbing with a friendly overhang at the top.

8. Wildcard – In the beautiful Oorlogs Kloof you will find the Wildcard Buttress. This is face climbing at its best with the fall protection well spaced. The higher you get the easier you breathe.

9. Madiba – A long walk up Keur Kloof brings you to the Heaven Crag. After the crux move, fight the endurance pump to the top.

10. Forever Friends – An awesome double-pitch route with wild surroundings all around.

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  1. Sounds like some interesting climbs! Is there a best time of year for enjoying the montagu climbing routes?

    • Montagu is good all year round!

  2. You can climb all year round in Montagu (the area does not receive much rainfall – it’s in a semi desert area). In summer we make sure to climb at shady areas.

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