Climbing is a potentially dangerous sport with significant risk of personal injury or even death. Climb ZA recommends that you only partake in climbing after proper and professional instruction has been received. You should become familiar with the risks and take responsibility for your own safety and that of those climbing with you.

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Many climbing areas are privately owned and access to these properties must be confirmed before climbing on them.  Also keep in mind that ownership of these properties changes from time to time, don’t simply assume that since you had access a while ago that it is still open. It is your responsibility to gain permission from the current land owners. Please respect that the property is private and treat it with respect, removing your litter and adhering to any any rules set out by the owner(s). Doing anything that might put climbers in a bad light can ruin access for other climbers – please behave and gain the respect of the land owners.

Bolting is only allowed in certain areas and any climbers wishing to bolt must obtain the owner’s express permission and should also adhere to the current bolting ethics.

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