The owners and managers and their families (together ” the owners”) of all of the land (“the land”) offers access to designated climbing areas (” the crags”) for the purpose of rock climbing, have made the land available to climbers subject to the following indemnities and undertakings which must be given by each individual.

I use the land entirely at my own risk.

I will bear the risk of all and any loss to any person which may arise from my presence on the land, as a result of anything at all. In particular, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless from all liability all persons, (including but not limited to the Bruwer Family, Goree trust any successor of any of the aforementioned, all members, agents, contractors and employees of the aforesaid persons and the owners, local authority or statutory body and any employees of the former, together hereafter referred to as ” the indemnified persons”) in respect of any loss, damage or injury whatsoever which I may cause or suffer (including loss to or by my family members and dependants) arising from any reason whatsoever, nothing excluded.

Climb ZA & Montagu Climbing acts as an agent on behalf of the owners for the purpose of the online permit purchasing system. Climb ZA / Montagu Climbing will issue me with a Bosch Kloof Climbing Permit when I submit my Bosch Kloof permit application and have paid the required daily entry fee and have read and agreed to this Indemnity and Code of Conduct.

My printed or digital document is my access permit.

I will not enter Bosch Kloof without my permit, and will show it to any owner or official if asked to do so.

I will only use the designated paths.

However, even if I leave the designated paths in contravention of this undertaking and Code of Conduct, I understand that nonetheless I will still remain fully bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Indemnity and Code of Conduct,

Intentional dislodgement of rocks off cliffs or down hillsides is not permitted.

Writing or graffiti is not permitted in any form on any rock, cliff face, tree or other natural surface.

I acknowledge that the land is privately owned and that drinking water collection and agricultural operations take precedence.

I will respect the owners’ staff and operational requirements, and conduct myself in a manner which interferes with owners’ operations in any way at all.

I acknowledge that all owners’ vehicles shall at all times have the right of way and that, if necessary, I will move off a path or road to permit vehicles to pass.

I will comply with notices, instructions and directions by the owners’ staff.

The owners may need to prohibit the use of certain areas for safety or operational reasons, and may do so without prior warning. I will politely and immediately adhere to notices, signs or instructions in this regard.

I will not bring any vehicle onto the land.

I will look after the land as if it were my own

I will not litter at all (this includes finger tape, litter, waste such as orange peels and toilet paper or tissues.), will avoid causing fires, soil erosion or damage to plants and shrubs and will report trespassers (or unauthorised climbers & hikers) and incidents to Climb ZA or the Montagu Tourism Office.

Smoking is disallowed due to the high potential for fires in fynbos vegetation and the severe consequences associated with fires.

Nesting and endangered birds must not be disturbed. Seasonal closure of Bosch Kloof Crags may be required if nesting birds are likely to be disturbed.

I will act as eyes and ears for the owners and report suspicious activity I observe to Climb ZA and/or Montagu Tourism Office or Ashton Police to assist in the security in the area.

I acknowledge having been specifically made aware of the following :

Rock Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. I acknowledge that the climbing routes may present a danger to rock climbers and hikers. I will therefore exercise reasonable caution at all times when climbing and do so at my own risk.

Defecation shall be avoided in the kloof, but if absolutely necessary; any human waste is to be carried out. All persons shall carry a plastic ziplock bag for such an event.
Fires may occur without the knowledge or control of land managers and burn in a dangerous, unpredictable and uncontrolled manner. All burning constitutes a serious danger and burning areas must be avoided;

The land is inhabited by snakes and other wildlife. I acknowledge that these may pose a danger to me. I will also take all reasonable care to do no harm whatsoever to any wildlife which I encounter.

My access to the property is undertaken with due knowledge and appreciation of the risks inherent therein.

I have read each and every clause in this indemnity and code of conduct and, by my application for a permit, I confirm that I am bound by all of the clauses in this document.