Deep Water Soloing in the Tradouws Pass

Deep Water Soloing is a dangerous activity. You could seriously injure or ever kill yourself. We are not suggesting in any way that you do any of the things that we have done. The water depths stated below were that at the time we went there and could have changed since.

This past summer, whilst driving from Montagu to Plettenberg Bay, we stopped off in the Tradrouws Pass near Barrydale to stretch our legs and look down onto the river/canyon.  We saw what looked like an amazing piece of rock coming straight out of the river, that look perfect for Deep Water Soloing!

A few weeks later we returned with a soggy inflatable raft, an ornamental paddle, a boogie board, 6 meters of nylon washing line and a 5l water container filled with rocks – the “depth charger.”

We accessed the river bank at the obvious easy spot (park under the Oak Tree or 300 meters up the road from it) about 500 meters up stream from DWS spot.  and then waded & paddled through the pools till we reach a large obviously deep pool.  This is where we started test the depth of water beneath the cliff.  At the deepest point we were unable to touch bottom with at least 5 meters of rope dangling beneath.  It would still not be advisable to slip off whilst climbing, as you could hurt yourself pretty badly.  We also paddled around the corner to the big wall that we had initially seen from above.  The water was not as deep as in the big pool, but still around 3 meters deep.  See photo below of Justin climbing the open book crack.

Map of Tradouws DWS

Tradouw's Pass near Barrydale Deep Water Solo Gallery

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  • Cathrine

    Where did you guys spend the night after a days climbing ?

    Also , where did you get the inflatable ? Is there a place to hire one ?

  • justin

    Hi Catherine,

    We spent the night in Montagu (there is loads of sport climbing in Montagu – and you can rent gear there.

    The boat was a loaner from a friend, unfortunately you can’t rent a boat. However you can still DWS without a floatation device (but perhaps not at all the sectors) – a tractor tube would probably work well!?

    Have fun, send us pics if you go and remember to check the water before jumping in!

  • Cathrine

    Thanks Justin ! A group of us are heading to Montagu in dec and thought we would check out Tradouw DWS at the same time ! Thanks for the advice will definitely post some pictures ! 🙂

  • Jovi

    Awesome! What time of year was this?

    • justin

      Summer, November I think!?

  • justin

    Summer time, the photos in the article were probably taken in November.

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